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Solve Your Sash Window Problems

  • Do you have broken or frayed sash cords?
  • Sashes painted shut or won't open?
  • Sashes jammed or hard to move?
  • Sashes that won't stay up or close properly?
  • Are your windows rotting or draughty?

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Sash Cord replacement: We can replace old sash cords and at the same time set up the window so that it opens and closes easily, curing many sash window problems in one service. Sash windows are machines and as such need a periodic service to keep them working properly.

The Sash Window Service is a locally-owned, independent, family-run business.
We have been professionally servicing and re-cording sash windows since 1997.
We are timber sash window specialists and can offer you the benefit of our skills and experience.

Sash Cord Replacement

Replace worn or snapped sash cords
and restore your windows to working order with our
Sash Cord Service
Sash Cord Service.
From £99.99 per window plus VAT.
Lower sash service starting price for windows up to 1.3m tall.

We operate across Gloucestershire and nearby regions, including these areas:

Cheltenham Gloucester Cirencester
Painswick Stroud Nailsworth
Tetbury Dursley Thornbury
Bath Chipping Sodbury Bristol
Cheltenham Gloucester
Cirencester Painswick
Stroud Nailsworth
Tetbury Dursley
Thornbury Chipping Sodbury
Bath Bristol

Professional Tailored Services

Replacing sash window cords is a complex task, it involves removing the heavy glazed sashes from their frame, using the correct guage replacement cord and properly rebalancing the sashes so that they operate correctly and don't drift. When removing the sashes it's not uncommon for some of the beading to break, which will then also need to be replaced.

Don't risk damaging your historic windows with a DIY job, have your sashes professionally servicedprofessionally serviced.

The Sash Window Service is a fully insured limited company that only employs experienced, skilled carpenters and joiners. We are passionate about preserving the heritage of period windows. We follow conservation principles to maintain the historic character of your property, evaluating each window individually, tailoring the work to suit your requirements.

Sash Window Maintenance

A sash window is a machine with working parts, it needs to be serviced from time to time (typically every 15 to 20 years) as part of the maintenance of your home or business.

Traditional window sashes are counter-balanced by pairs of weights hidden in each side of the window. The weights are hung on cords (ropes) that run over pulley wheels at the top of the window frame.
The combination of weights and cords allow the sashes to be safely opened and closed, whilst enabling them to move freely and easily.

Sash cords will typically last around 20 years. Cords in south-facing windows tend to deteriorate sooner due to exposure to the sun.

If a single sash cord snaps, that sash will no longer be supported on one side, making it difficult to move smoothly without juddering. The sash may drift out of position or possibly become jammed in the frame. The remaining cord will also be under additional strain, having to support the sash by itself.
If both cords are broken on a sash, it could get stuck open or closed and be unsafe to use.

When your sash cords are fraying or show signs of wear, it is best to replace them before they break.

The replacement sash cord servicereplacement sash cord service is just one of the sash window solutions we offer.

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